Information for scouts

Information for scouts

My scout fund is pretty unique, in that its the only one that lets its scouts earn carry in every startup in the portfolio, not just your referral.

This is pretty important, because a portfolio is needed to have a positive expected value, due to the high failure rate of the industry.


After you’s quite simple:

  1. You know an amazing founder personally.
  2. You intro me to them (after opt-ins on both sides).
  3. If I invest, you’ll earn carry.


If the fund invests $100K into a company, you will have ownership equivalent to:

  • $5K invested in the startup
  • $5K invested in the all the other startups in the portfolio, split equally


Launched scout fund in September 2021

2021: 9 scouted investments in Q3 and Q4, total investment of $900K

  • Carry earned by scouts, assuming 1x: $90K total, or $10K per scout

2022: 1 scouted deal so far...


I’ll be doing a public re-launch of the scout fund in January 2022, reviewing applications in early February. I’m not sure what cohort size will be!

If you’d like to be considered, please spend a few minutes filling this out.

If you’d like to become an LP in this fund, please click here to learn more.